What Clients Have to Say

 "Anniel has done an amazing job with our five Scotties, the best groomer we've ever had!" DLA 


Our Team & Our Commitment

No matter what size, shape, color or breed, we believe your dog deserves the best. If you truly love your pet (and we know you do!) you'll be quick to understand  the differences that make K9 Clippers such a doggone special place.  With a sincere love of animals, each pet and their owner is treated with  the utmost respect and care. We are experienced, trained and sensitive to specific dog grooming requests. We keep an updated record for each pet we groom, so we can always fulfill your requests.

K9 CLIPPERS NY could very well be the best place on Earth - at least that's what  dogs and their owners seem to think.

To schedule your Dog Grooming appointment  Please call Anniel at 1-845-897-5595. Hours:Tues- Fri 8am-4pm, Sat 8am-2pm.